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Journal of Wireless Sensor Network

The Scope of this journal includes all areas of Wireless Sensor Networking.

The theory and practice of WSN and its networking, WSN applications in engineering, Biomedical, Civil, structural and environmental engineering. Contributions on theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of wireless sensor networks are welcome, along with innovative or interdisciplinary approaches that will benefit both the academia and the industry. 

Conference CFPs

CRIS 2019 International Conference on Cryptography and Information Security
Feb 23, 2019 – Feb 24, 2019 Dubai, UAE Feb 3, 2019
NCWMC 2019 4th International Conference on Networks, Communications, Wireless and Mobile Computing
Jun 29, 2019 – Jun 30, 2019 Sydney, Australia Feb 9, 2019
IoT-SoS 2019(new) Internet of Things: Smart Objects and Services
Jun 10, 2019 – Jun 10, 2019 WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES Mar 11, 2019
Special Issue A&DC IoT 2019 SENSORS (Q1) Special Issue: Algorithm and Distributed Computing for the Internet of Things
N/A N/A Apr 30, 2019
AMI 2019 European Conference on Ambient Intelligence 2019
Nov 13, 2019 – Nov 15, 2019 Rome, Italy Jun 10, 2019

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