ABB Smart Sensor

ABB has come up with a smart sensor capable of monitoring electric motors to increase their performance, efficiency, reliability and lifespan. According to company, the pocket-sized performance-measuring device can be retrofitted to almost any low-voltage motor and connect it to the Industrial Internet of Things  while the operational data is transmitted from the sensor to a secure, cloud-based server, where it is analyzed and transformed into feedback  and can be sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.

The multi-function sensor adds the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things to unconnected, analog operations.

  • The sensors are attached directly to the motor’s frame
  • The sensors require no wiring, transmitting data through Bluetooth
  • Internal sensors collect vital data points, like vibration, sound and temperature
  • Data is uploaded via an ABB gateway or smartphone to the cloud, where it is analyzed
  • The results are sent back for optimizing performance and predictive maintenance