Behavioral Sensing

Behavioral Sensing focuses on sensing context, modeling human behavior and interaction of cognitive phone platform. It is a combination of the positioning technologies and phone sensors to capture human movements in natural environments and movements to study human behavior.

In April 2013, Googlbehavioural sensinge acquired a behavioral sensing company Behavio, a spin-off of MIT-Media Labs. The company created a project called Funf, which it calls “an extensible sensing and data processing framework for mobile devices. Behavio’s technology uses data signals from phones to determine human behavior.


At the University of California Centre for Effective Global Action, the Behavioral Sensing workgroup is charged with designing more reliable data collection platforms for development economics. There platforms combines rugged, wireless sensor networks for long term, non-intrusive monitoring of behavior with mobile-phone based tools for collecting and transmitting data. The idea is to use it to enable public health, behavioral, and social scientists and collect data that study participants would ordinarily share through self-reports, but with greater accuracy, reliability and frequency than is currently feasible. The Behavioral Sensing Research Challenge supports the design and testing of environmental sensors and ICT-based tools to streamline the collection of household data in field research settings