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Lectures on WSN

Multi-Block Alternating Direction Method

Multi-Block Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers Are there Better Algorithms for Linear Programming? [gview file=””]

Sensor Application: Smart home heating and cooling

An MIT Alumnus with a spinout company known as Ecovent is further refining Smart Home Heating and Cooling technology with an automated system of vents and sensors that allows temperature control of individual rooms through an app. This technology which…

Analysis of WSN Evaluation kits

Wireless Sensor Networks are typically purpose-built, designed to support a single or complex running application. As the demand for applications that can harness the capabilities of a sensor-rich environment increases, the problem of the availability of sensing infrastructure that is…

Detecting Leaks with Robots, Wireless Sensors

Professor Youcef-Toumi and Whittle are each working to increase the world’s water supply by decreasing water loss through leaks. According to the on-going research, one way to increase the supply of water for cities and regions is simply to waste…

Data Stashing

Data Stashing: Energy-Efficient Information Delivery to Mobile Sinks through Trajectory Prediction [gview file=””]