Changing the world with Wireless Technology

The 2014 Future of Wireless International Conference examines the business opportunities and the wider societal benefits possible through the application of wireless technologies to positively change the world in new and imaginative ways. Wireless communications has arguably already changed the world more than any other human invention. With well over half the population of the world now owning a wireless device, wireless technology has enabled fundamental changes in the way people communicate, conduct business and organise their lives. More people are connected to knowledge, information and tools than ever before. Products, objects and other ‘things’ are being connected to each other in smarter ways of reducing costs, improving efficiency, and generating new types of value through information.
Technology is also changing the nature of innovation itself, and a new generation of ‘connected citizens’ have come of age. How is this emergent generation using these powerful connectivity and information tools to innovate in new ways, and does this open up opportunities for many more millions of people around the world to innovate and change the world too? In this keynote presentation, Stuart Orr, Managing Director of Communications, Accenture, A noted technology and business leader lays out their personal vision for how wireless technology can transform a range of new industry sectors, and explores what some of the ‘next steps’ might be for members of Cambridge Wireless to develop technology business to respond to these opportunities.