The Energy Harvesting Industry: Challenges & Analysis Report

Energy harvesting is gradually becoming an important technology for several applications. It involves the process of capturing and storing energy from autonomous devices like those used in wearable electronics and wireless sensor networks. Fabrice Poulin, the Managing Director of Infinergia Consulting, stated that the challenge that is posed by the Energy Harvesting Industry was detailed in the ‘Energy Harvesting Industry Analysis Report of April 2013’

The report presented Energy harvesting technologies (Kinetic, Thermal and RF) and describes the Industrial and regional ecosystem. It provides a complete understanding of the different value chains, the benchmarks and the different offers in the industry as a whole. It also describes the competitive and market landscape illustrated with tables, figures and useful actors maps by main region. Finally, it provides an easy to use Excel database of 144 industry actors and 71 R&D centers worldwide.”

Energy Harvesting report

Below you will find the word-to-word excerpts from a recent interview with Fabrice Poulin conducted by Dr Celestine Iwendi, the Editor of WSN magazine.

Editor: Who are you in the company Infinergia Consulting?

Fabrice: I am the managing Director.

Editor: What is the company all about?

Fabrice: We provide marketing services on innovative technologies in the field of energy harvesting, photovoltaics, fuel cells and low power electronics. We provide both custom marketing services and multi-customer products (market reports and databases).

Editor: How will people use your report?

Fabrice: This report on EH is not “just another report” on EH. We provide another look on this topic by analysing the fundamentals of the industry structure itself: the ecosystems, the maturity of the technologies and value creation by level of value chain. We also dig into actors’ strategies and try to provide benchmarks to compare products performance. It’s mainly a qualitative analysis with lots of details of who does what and how!

Editor: What do your customers expect from it?

Fabrice: Our customers are always hungry for good and smartly analysed data. We make sure our data is solid and up to date by cross checking it both on documentary and interview point of view. Then we deploy strategic analysis tools on it together with our pragmatic view of industry veterans.

Editor: Would companies be willing to purchase it? What value would the report offer to them?

Fabrice: It’s always difficult to say how much value a marketing analysis brings to a company as we’re not in the company’s driver seat! But we’re always glad to hear our customers say that they capitalized on our data afterwards and that the report is not buried under the dust in their office.

Editor: Thank you every much for your time

Fabrice: It is my pleasure

Details about the report and what it will contain can be found HERE or contact Fabrice Poulin directly by sending him an email at