Engineering Education and Application of Engineering Management

An International Award Winner that specializes in large, complex and unique projects where no precedent or history of solutions exists, Professor Thomas J. Day has presented a framework were Engineering education will be better appreciated in a lecture delivered at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).

Prof DayProfessor Thomas J. Day elaborated the history of global engineering science development and discussed the importance of engineering management and education in a lecture talk titled “Engineering education and the practical application of engineering management” at The 21th “Science and technology Forum” organised by National Ministry of Education Strategy Research Base—BIT’s Institute of Defense Science and Technology Innovation and Education Development Center. The guest speaker believes that innovation should come before demand and maintain that only the new concept of innovation can drive new social needs and the key to engineering management is how to solve customer’s new problems they are facing and improve the production efficiency.

Professor Thomas introduced the differences and connection between technology management and system engineering. He put forward the five dimensions,” Innovate, Integrate, Better, Faster and Cheaper” which good engineering management shall have. He pointed out that engineering management was a system project about the entire lifecycle of product or service. He simply analyzed the connection between implementation process of engineering management and engineering education.

During the Lecture, teachers and students conducted in-depth communication with Professor Thomas in terms of China’s engineering education development bottlenecks and American engineering education practice experience problems. At the same time, they also discussed some advice about how to better carry out engineering education work in BIT according to the characteristics of Institute of Education. Professor’s sharp thinking and rigorous logic were very popular with teachers and students. The lecture ended successfully in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Professor Thomas J. Day, Ph.D. is Chief for the Surface and Air Observations Services Division, Office of Observations, an agency under the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC.. He brings over 25 years’ experience in industrial and government consulting services, government and commercial solutions development, and the management of technical and commercial talent. This International Award Winner specializes in large, complex and unique projects where no precedent or history of solutions exists. Dr. Day maintains a well-published and extensive background in innovative engineering and technology management, systems engineering, modeling and simulation, technology/cost analysis and novel solutions development along with its transfer to operations. He currently has over 50 technical papers and publications, along with two textbooks published internationally and has been awarded several patents for alternative (green) energy power solutions. Dr. Day earned the first Ph.D. in Engineering Management ever conferred by the Stevens Institute of Technology, and currently assists others in their educational and professional endeavours as a professor, mentor and supervisor.


BIT (Beijing Institute of Technology)