Entry Level AI Roles With Highest Paying Salaries

According to a new analysis by Bizreport combined with statistics from the Bureau of Labor, AI-related roles offer 78% higher salaries than other occupations, widening the pay gap between tech and non-tech jobs by 36%.

However, those in junior roles saw the largest salary disparity. AI entry level salaries were 128% higher than non-AI roles, while the difference at senior and mid-level roles were 49% and 58%, respectively.

Salaries in computer science-related jobs have always been substantial, but from 2022-2023, it surged up to 46% in the U.S. as a result of the demand in talent for AI-related roles.

Last year, 30% of computer science jobs were AI-related. This year, it is expected that there will be more than 131,000 AI-related jobs in the market.

Connecticut takes the top spot for highest average earnings for AI roles at $178k, while Arizona has the highest salary at $450k for a System AI Architect.

Other high-paying roles and salaries listed include: $402k for an AI Research Team Lead in Colorado, $410k for a Machine Learning Researcher, $407k for an Engineering Manager in California.

In the analysis, Wyoming had the lowest salary for its highest paying AI job at $92k for a Software Architect. West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington ranked below $200k for average salaries in AI.

Overall, the following roles had the highest salaries across the states: System AI Architect, Engineering Manager, Machine Learning Engineer/Researcher, AI Research Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer, AI Architect, Technical Sales Architect, and Senior Data Scientist.

By Marvellous Iwendi

Source: Interesting Engineering