Eye-Tracking Technology Provides Information on Sightseeing Tours

The AR Interactive Vehicle Display was developed to assist sightseeing tours by illustrating relevant information on the window glass of the vehicle.

Making its debut at CES next week, the technology was developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan.

An eye-tracking camera is situated above each window of the bus and a transparent microLED touchscreen panel covers the interior surface of the window glass. As the tourist looks out the window, the system makes a continuous assessment of the direction of their gaze.

Using GPS data to determine the vehicle’s geographical location and speed, the technology can tell what attraction the passenger is currently looking at. This information is then used to display a small picture of the attraction next to the passenger’s view of the real thing.

To find out more about that attraction, all the person has to do is tap that picture. Information appears in textboxes located around the view of the attraction but not directly on top of it.

This technology is important because it can be incorporated into the windows of gondolas, tour boats, trains, and other sightseeing vehicles. ITRI made use of similar technology in the glass of aquariums which provide information on the fish people are currently viewing.


By Marvellous Iwendi

Source: New Atlas