Flying Sensors Ready To Fight Crime

The Flying toy idea has improved to a new level. You can now have drones monitoring your land aerially over large swaths of land including a farm or factory. “To reduce the number of crimes, we wanted to develop a flying robot that can approach a culprit and his or her vehicles as closely as possible,” said Secom Co chief Shuji Maeda. Secom Co unveiled a helicopter like drone prototype that can detect and videotape suspicious vehicles and people breaking into the premises of a shop, warehouse, factory or other properties, Kyodo News agency reported

Secon Private security drone

 If an intruder enters your property the drone can automatically follow them and get images which can then be sent it to your phone or security guard by sensors. The company said it aims to start renting the machine for less than 5,000 yen (USD 58) a month in 2014 and it is interested in selling the service to other countries as well. It seems cheap enough that any business or individual can afford it, but the question is charging and battery life. That is why Secon collaborated with a well proven AscTec Pelican a zee German company that designed the drone with a maximum power in combination with plenty of room to use its complete capacity. The product is lightweight and offers high performance onboard processors. ‘Furthermore you can easily integrate your own individual sensors and process the gathered data directly onboard of the flight vehicle. All in all this flight system is the most flexible and powerful of the AscTec fleet’ according to the company.

Secon RobotX Guard confronts Intruders

Secom did all the software and tacked on some additional sensors and accessories which can track moving subjects and knows enough to keep its distance. The machine, equipped with four propellers, is 60 cm long and wide and weighs around 1.6 kg. It takes off once it receives an alert from ground-based laser sensors to approach the target and transmit video data to its control center, Secom said. The investment could be worthwhile just to freak out a few would-be burglars.