Workshop On Human-X Haptic Collaboration

A haptic interface is a force reflecting device which allows a user to touch, feel, manipulate, create and/or alter simulated 3D objects in a virtual environment” This forces displays a technology that works by using mechanical actuators to apply forces to the user, in a way by simulating in real time the mechanics of the user’s virtual world, and then send them to the actuators so that the user can feel them.

While haptic interaction with real, virtual, and remote environments is in the focus of the haptic community already since many years and implies the exchange of motion and force signals between two systems, haptic collaboration additionally requires the communication and negotiation of intentions, the building of mental models as well as the mutual adaptation of collaborating partners. Typical applications for haptic collaboration range from the manipulation and handling of heavy and large objects as required in industrial settings, the guidance of human limbs in rehabilitation, and the assistance of humans in walking or performing complex manipulation tasks, the teaching of motor skills, to social interaction with virtual agents. This workshop will focus on haptic collaboration in human-X constellations where X stands for human, robot, or agent. Topics like haptic guidance, haptic shared control, mutual adaptation, learning as well as intention recognition and negotiation in haptically collaborating human-human, human-robot, and human-agent dyads will be discussed.