The Benefits of Collaboration – IEEE Perspective

On a fateful Wednesday while browsing through LinkedIn, I noticed a job post that made me quickly send a message to my friend to check out my CV. It was a good offer for a higher position. My hope went to crucifixion arena when he said “You can apply but while not having FHEA is probably not a show stopper; they will want to see research income, future plans and high-quality journals” I promptly responded “will apply when I’m ready. Thanks” This made me check through the IEEE statement about collaboration. A colleague of mine said to my students, “IEEE is nothing and has no benefit” So I reminded him about the requirement of conferences and journals in our coming work place appraisal. If presenting a paper as an IEEE member will remove about 100 euros from his paper registration at a conference, by the time he attends 3 conferences, he would have saved 300 euros and that is less than registration fee for a member for a year as long as IEEE Region 8 is concerned.

So here are 15 reasons why joining IEEE is important:

  1. Be part of a distinguished society at the forefront of product innovation, patent and foremost research.
  2. Access IEEE resources, opportunities and timely information on the world of technology
  3. Compliance forums and top-level discussions—gain access to a virtual community forum for safety engineers, standards and technical professionals
  4. Develop liaison with other IEEE disciplines and subsequent cross-education
  5. Ability to focus on product safety engineering as an applied science
  6. Network with technical experts at Societies, Section activities and local chapters
  7. Access to subject matters restricted to society members. Encouraged to submit papers to high quality Journals. Year after year, IEEE journals are ranked highly across a number of JCR metrics.
  8. Professional development—Interface/work with other engineering leaders; promote personal career path; and build technical skills
  9. Contribute to teaching, papers, presentations and standards development
  10. Professional satisfaction and prestige (awards, certificates and other local and national recognition), leading to work place promotion and yearly good assessment
  11. Newsletters and subscription to Expensive and leading magazine
  12. Discounts on life insurance, travel, credit cards, conferences and more
  13. Participate in annual Symposiums, workshops with experts from around the world
  14. Camaraderie and a sense of higher purpose. IEEE will connect you to people who can help you in collaboration get good research funding.
  15. Help create a safer world for future generations. Blend your future plans to the reality of your today because your ideas can make impact when two good heads combined together to become one.

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