Nokia Foundation awards IOT pioneer

ZachThe Nokia Foundation which gives supports for scientific development of information and telecommunications technologies and promotes education in the sector in Finland has granted its 2014 award to Zach Shelby for his tireless effort in developing Internet of Things technologies and standards.

The Jorma Ollila special fund, operating under the Nokia Foundation, supports the research of selected focus areas in order to advance technology development. The current focus areas are Internet of Things, cloud technology and nanotechnology.

The award winner, Zach Shelby is known as an evangelist for the Internet of Things, and has been a key contributor in the creation of Internet of Things standards in the Internet Engineering Task Force, Open Mobile Alliance and ZigBee Alliance. Shelby is also known as a pioneer in the use of IP technology in low-power networks, which form the core of wireless sensor networks and the Internet of connected objects.

Shelby is Director of Technical Marketing for Internet of Things at ARM. He was a co-founder of Sensinode, where he was CEO and CTO for the groundbreaking company before its recent acquisition by ARM. Prior to his work at Sensinode, Shelby led wireless networking research at the Centre for Wireless Communications in Oulu University and the Technical Research Center of Finland.

“The Internet of Things is the most radical change in the development of the Internet this decade. It opens the way to a programmable world where everyone and everything is connected, and where various tasks can be controlled by applications. We want to drive and support this technology transition by granting this year’s award to a person whose contribution in the field is significant,” said Timo Ali-Vehmas, Chairman of the Nokia Foundation.

The Nokia Foundation will grant scholarships and awards totalling 560 000 EUR this year.

Shelby will be part of June 9-11, 2015 Sensors Conference at Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA to speak and moderate on IOT issues that includes:
What are some of the most exciting IoT deployments in the market today? What will the role of operating systems be in the future of IoT? What are some of the challenges you are experiencing with real IoT deployments? What does wireless interoperability look like today and what barriers to interoperability need to be removed to reach critical market growth? What do we need to address the explosive growth of the IoT and the growing concerns about security?


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