Interfacing Java-DSP With Sensor Motes

Interfacing Java-DSP with Sensor Motes by H. M. Kwon, V. Berisha and A. Spanias

Distributed wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are being implemented in various applications that include defense, security, and smart systems. The application of hardware wireless sensors in a signal processing is used for data acquisition, collaborative signal processing, and as a platform for obtaining, processing, and analyzing real-life real-time data. This article presents an understanding of interfacing the Java-digital signal processing (J-DSP) visual programming environment to communicate in a two-way manner with a wireless sensor network. This interface was developed by writing nesC (an extension to the C programming language for sensors) code that enables J-DSP to issue commands to multiple wireless sensor motes, activate specific transducers, and analyze data using any of the existing J-DSP signal processing functions in real time. Most researchers have argued that nesC is more academic than use in practise, this presentation therefore presents the basic understanding of the principles.

A look at the basics.