Perytons Ltd. a leading provider of analyzers for standard and proprietary wireless and PLC wire-line communication protocols, has released version 5.1 of the Perytons Protocol Analyzer. According to Rubi Elbirt, Perytons Vice President, Business Development and International Sales, this new version includes new ways to explore transactions between devices. A new ‘message sequence’ window was added to the variety of the Perytons Protocol Analyzer views. This window allows to investigate the transactions between several devices seeing the messages with their type, status, protocol layer and direction. “Per our philosophy of letting each user to get the best point of view of the system under test, we are excited to introduce this new window on top of the existing time, network topology, message detailed views, device views and statistics panel” said Rubi.

In addition, this version includes improved ways to measure time between messages, with automatic tooltips and easy to use time markers.

For PLC analysis, the new release includes PRIME security, and supports additional PRIME layers and commands.

Perytons™ is a Participant member of the ZigBee Alliance. The team is totally focused on providing developers, implementation experts, and field engineers with the best analysis tools, combining advanced feature sets with rich yet intuitive interfaces.

Details about the latest version release notes can be also found at and for the Perytons Protocol Analyzers for wireless and wire-line networks respectively.

Rubi concluded that they have also recently introduced the Perytons Network Visibility product line. The Network Visibility products assist companies when monitoring their remote networks and provide an even improved service to their customers of ZigBee or Narrow-Band PLC based networks – see