SAYME and WISOL in IoT Advancement

SAYME – The Spanish device maker and solution provider and WISOL – the South-Korean module manufacturer have signed an agreement during the Sigfox Operator Days in Paris to become the biggest #IoT #LPWAN solutions manufacturer in the world. It is productive alliance based on the complex scenario of the Internet of Things with a high potential of business that will face an exponential market growth in the three following years, predictably having its biggest impact of results in 2020.

In the IoT context, collaboration among companies is essential due to the expertise needed in Big data, machine learning, mass-scale device manufacturing with very adjusted costs, enclosures customization, hardware and software design and development, IoT transversal software platforms, security and a host of other things to consider.

SAYME and WISOL will contribute to this union with their wide know-how and experience in their respective expertise areas: SAYME in the design and development of vertical IoT solutions, and WISOL – a worldwide leading manufacturer of electronic components – in the mass-scale high-quality electronic components manufacturing.

Alfonso Murat, President at SAYME, said “Thanks to our international partner ecosystem and our strategic alliance with WISOL, our vertical solutions for industry and smart cities are the best option in the IoT market, both for their quality and reliability and for their cost-benefit ratio”.

JinDuk, Kim, VP at WISOL, said, “WISOL starts to provide Sigfox-enabled modules to SAYME, Spain’s global sensor network solution service provider, and it is very proud of collaboration with SAYME as global Sigfox module provider. WISOL will enforce business partnership with SAYME. As a global module partner of Sigfox, we are very excited about launching the competitive Sigfox module solutions ideal for the limitless IoT opportunity. We definitely sure our module solutions play the key role for lots of global Sigfox device makers adopting Sigfox solution very easily and quickly.”

Tony Francesca, Vice President, Global Ecosystem Partners, said, “Sigfox keeps focusing on lowering the barriers to IoT mass adoption by working with the entire ecosystem, including all silicon and device partners. We are glad to see companies like WISOL and SAYME leveraging our out-of-the-box connectivity to overcome the cost challenges and make new solutions available that the global market requires