The Thematic Network of Sensors

The Thematic Network of Sensors according to EU project is aimed at integrating the various skills from several different countries, focusing on the specific tasks of proving the use of new multinodal tomographic sensors for imaging multiphase mixtures, resulting in the in the generation of case study reports that will quantify the potential process benefits. Further addressing the issue of manufacturing sensors and associated hardware suited for real industrial processes which includes safety and materials, etc. New opportunities for services and instrumentation will arise if the Network is successful. This is of particular importance to several SME partners, who produce specialized industrial instrumentation, because the world market for industrial process instrumentation is very large.

The challenges of thematic Networks according to the proposal by the EU are exciting and the Network partners aim to provide the technology “to see industry’s processes at work and the means to drive them to respond to business and environmental needs”. Around this central aim, clusters of partners have sectoral interests in particular forms of Process Tomography, suited to particular processes and industries. These groupings will form the kernel of the Network clusters that has a clear industrial focus.

Let us now look at the Thematic Mapping with Remote Sensing Satellite Networks by John Richards: