“To the Moon” Increase in Job Postings Involving Cryptocurrency

Recent studies carried out in LinkedIn found that the amount of job postings containing the terms ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘ethereum’, ‘blockchain’ and ‘bitcoin’ grew 395% in the U.S. between 2020 and 2021. A significantly lower growth occurred in the listings for the general tech industry with a 98% increase over the same period. The most common titles in LinkedIn listings are blockchain developers and engineers.

LinkedIn reported that most of the postings were in the software and finance industries, but took note that the professional services industry, the computer hardware industry and the staffing industry also increased hiring for crypto-related jobs. A recent search for ‘cryptocurrency’ carried out on LinkedIn displayed over 11,000 results, inclusive of listings at big names such as Deloitte and PayPal.

A report on the job site carried out in August revealed that the amount of crypto-related job searches during one week last summer was 300% higher than a week in 2020.

There was a 137% increase in searches for blockchain-related jobs over the same period. It was found that crypto and blockchain software development jobs are more likely to be remote compared to its counterparts. That is a major advantage for people looking for a career that enables them work from home.

As the value of cryptocurrencies grow, so does the community surrounding the technology. So, if you’re looking for a job this year, the crypto world is an interesting area to check out.


By Marvellous Iwendi.


Source: Money