University of Bolton’s Dr. Celestine Iwendi Has Been Appointed Election Committee

University of Bolton’s Dr. Celestine Iwendi Has Been Appointed Election Committee Chair for IEEE Computer Society Worldwide

The IEEE’S CS is the trusted organization dedicated to engaging the engineers, scientists, academia, and industry professionals from across the globe driving continued advancements in computer science and technology.

IEEE Computer Society, boasts a membership of over 375,000 professionals from 168 countries, stands as the largest global community of computer scientists and engineers. The society actively engages its members through conferences, publications, programs, and meaningful dialogue.

As Electoral Chair, Dr. Iwendi will take on various responsibilities, including the appointment of committee members and the moderation of the Town Hall with presidential candidates. As a prominent figure in the academic community, his expertise will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the operations of IEEE Computer Society.

Prominent scientists from every which way including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia Earth, Berkeley and from top schools around the world will be vying to become the next President but it’s the University of Bolton’s Dr Celestine who will crown whoever emerges.

Dr Celestine is ranked among the top 2 Influential Scientists in the world, his chairmanship of the electoral chair of IEEE will further give the University of Bolton a pride of place among the top universities in the world. Already the University of Bolton is the No. 1 University for student satisfaction over the past six years.

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