Energy-saving in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Sink Movement Control using fuzzy logic

Researchers from the Electrical Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran have proposed a mobile base station that is used to reduce energy consumption. Their network lifetime increases when the base station is moving and clustering is done by energy and with cluster centric priorities.

In an article published at the Journal of Wireless Sensor Network (JWSN), Mozhgan Toulabi and Dr Sharam Javadi, an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering Department in Islamic AZAD University, Central Tehran Branch, they presented a Clustering that is done by the fuzzy method based on different priorities. According to Toulabi, method, clustering was done with the fuzzy clustering method based on the energy sensor and distance sensor from the sink. Cluster head was also defined by Fuzzy logic. The cluster heads were determined by three methods, while the results of the network lifetime were compared. At each step, the mobile base station will move towards the cluster head with higher priority.


While the base station is controlled by using fuzzy logic based on fuzzy priorities; Fuzzy controller Inputs are the residual energy of sensor and distance from the base station. Movement of the base station moved towards cluster head that has the highest priority.

200 sensors were randomly distributed in a square area and the simulations were performed using Matlab software.

In the near future, the researchers hope to perform further works with route optimization techniques to enhance the moving path of the base station.


Journal of Wireless Sensor Network