Contrinex Inc Announces Release of C12 Series of Photoelectric Sensors

Contrinex Inc, a technology company that has been serving the needs of US and Canada based equipment builders since 1998 and global manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors, RFID systems, and safety light curtains has announce the release of C12 Series of Photoelectric Sensors. According to the report sent to WSN Magazine, the C12 Family of sensors offers excellent detection in compact subminiature packaging. It also offers diffuse sensing with background suppression, through-beam detection, and polarized retro-reflective sensing technologies.

contrinexThe sensors reliably detect moving targets, including those that may have curved, shiny, or transparent surfaces. The compact dimensions support installation in process paths that contain sharp turns, steep angles, and other types of limited-space locations that may have minimal or limited detector mounting options available.

All sensors feature ultra-transparent PMMA windows, high temperature-resistant ABS plastic housings, high-intensity pinpoint LED light sources, and ultrasonically welded internal components. PNP or NPN switching inputs are available. A 45o angle cable outlet and standard-spaced metal reinforced installation through holes allow easy electrical connection and mounting installation.

The compact rectangular sensor housings weigh less than 24 grams and measure 13.5mm in height, 22 to 27.5mm in width, and 7.7mm in thickness. The sensor housings are designed to provide dust-proof and water resistant IP-67 rated protection. Sensor/receiver assemblies can be mounted as close together as 1mm apart and as far away as 10 feet apart. The sensors have trigger response times of 800 trips/second and can accurately detect target objects that are as small as 0.1mm wires or are as large as targets measuring up to 120mm (or 4.7 inches) in size.

Industrial Applications:
The C12 sensors are ideal for manufacturing processes that utilize robotic assembly functionalities, circuit board printing, small transport conveyors and other applications that require the use of high precision control confirmations.

The small visible LED light spot and long sensing ranges mean that every moveable part in the process (regardless of how small or inaccessible) can detect its own position or the presence of another targeted object.

Competitive Advantages:
The C-12 subminiature photoelectric sensors are robustly designed to withstand a variety of environmental elements including wet and abrasive applications. The sensors are rated for temperatures ranging from -4 oF to 122 oF and have short circuit and reverse voltage protection. The LED lighting is safer to human eyes and offers the advantage of maintaining superior precision when detecting transparent and/or shiny targets. The long sensing ranges are two times greater than other alternatives that are available in the market. For more information, including a video, photos, and data sheets on the C-12 sensors.

Contrinex Inc, located in Carrollton, Texas is a technology leader in the field of intelligent sensing and identification solutions for factory automation, including the harshest operating conditions, and most extreme space limitations

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